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Approximately two decades ago, in the late 1980s, The TerrAlign Group developed the world’s first desktop-based territory optimization and realignment system for and in cooperation with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. This solution would later be known as TerrAlign and is our first generation solution.

Throughout the 1990s we continued development and released several revisions, along with multiple market and platform based applications, including TerrAlign 3, TerrAlign for MapInfo and in partnership with MapInfo, we developed MapInfo ProAlign targeted towards smaller companies or regional managers of mid-sized organizations. In 1995, TerrAlign began conducting surveys within the contact lens market to provide value-added data to our customers. Toward the end of that decade, we developed and released a new application-specific module, CallMax, for use with our core products. CallMax helps organizations assign calls to weekly periods based on territory definitions, call frequency requirements, and customer locations.

Into the new millennium, TerrAlign has enhanced and evolved to deliver an Enterprise class territory realignment solution, incorporating world-class optimization (capable of decreasing account disruptions and applying drive times) and a web-based solution for distributed field alignment efforts. We have also continued with the annual survey of the vision care market. This survey has grown in sophistication (tracking specialty lenses) and in its ability to identify market trends down to the eye care provider level. Additionally, TerrAlign has broadened our Services offerings to be able to offer our customers the level of assistance that is right for their situation – anything from simple technical or product support all the way through to complete outsourcing of the entire sales territory alignment process and every level of resource augmentation in between.

We continue to lead the way in terms of product capabilities and envision the market for Sales Resource Optimization solutions to expand and our solutions to integrate with complementary applications. In 2006, we integrated TerrAlign with the market leading On Demand CRM solution, Salesforce – we were the first Sales Resource Optimization vendor to do this, and are still the only to have an application approved for’s AppExchange for Territory Optimization & Management. Looking toward our third decade, we will continue to innovate and integrate to deliver the most value to our customers.

In 2018, Terralign was acquired by MapAnything, the leader in Location of Things for the enterprise. For more information about the combined company, or to learn more about MapAnything Products and services visit

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