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The TerrAlign management team, and its employees, all have years, if not decades of relevant sales optimization, consulting and software development experience. The TerrAlign team is led by:

  • Ken Kramer, President
  • David Hanlin, Vice President, Operations
  • Chris Oosthuizen, Vice President, Software Engineering
  • Jim Brown, Executive Director

Jim Brown

Executive Director

Jim Brown, Executive Director, originally joined TerrAlign in 1988. During his tenure at TerrAlign, Jim has served as principal consultant in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, and vision…

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David Hanlin

Vice President, Operations

David Hanlin, Vice President, Operations, joined TerrAlign in 1998 and currently manages both our Services organization and all internal business operations.  David has performed virtually every function in our Services…

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Ken Kramer


Ken Kramer, President, joined TerrAlign in 2006 initially to head up Partnership efforts, and eventually took on all of Marketing, and Sales Management, as well.  He is currently responsible for…

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Chris Oosthuizen

Vice President, Software Engineering

Chris Oosthuizen, Vice President, Software Engineering, joined TerrAlign in 2007 and leads all R&D efforts. He brings with him twenty years of experience in software development, including coding, project management…

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