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TerrAlign Cloud enables organizations to optimize the deployment of sales representatives and manage the resulting territories through all stages of an alignment’s life cycle – in one common platform.

Our sales territory optimization software has been continuously developed and enhanced for nearly thirty years based on customer feedback and decades of Sales Resource Optimization (SRO) experience. We provide innovative and industry leading sales territory design applications that deliver significant ROI for our customers year after year.

Our Platform has been designed for the user – each user. Sales operations analysts, Admins, and Sales Managers each have a user defined interface. This allows each of them to quickly focus on their primary tasks.  And, doing this on the same platform, eliminates the movement of Alignments to other systems.

eMap®, our Web-based territory design application, is used by field managers and representatives who need to view and modify sales territory alignments based on local knowledge.

Together, TerrAlign 4 and eMap provide a sales territory alignment solution for the Enterprise. Additionally, this territory alignment solution can be integrated into an organization’s existing business processes and enterprise applications. For example:

TerrAlign software comes with a commitment to superior customer care including on-site training and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technical assistance.

TerrAlign software comes with a commitment to superior customer care including on-site training and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technical assistance.

TerrAlign has leveraged its three decades of experience, and capitalized on the latest technologies available, to develop the first fully cloud based, enterprise level, territory optimization and management solution for all users – on one platform.

Employing TerrAlign’s most advanced sales territory design, visualization and optimization technology, TerrAlign Cloud is robust, fast and flexible enough for the largest, most sophisticated field forces.  TerrAlign combines this enterprise-level power with ease-of-use. Automatically design hundreds or thousands of optimal territories in minutes with superior results. Use the built-in digital road network to calculate drive time estimations during territory optimizations. Override geographic assignments on an account by account basis, to allow for exceptions.

Collaborate with the field to capture local knowledge, and increase buy in.  Minimize sales planning bottlenecks by extending access to the platform and distributing the process – not static maps.  Add TerrAlign Cloud users in batch and manage system access permissions by User, Role and Alignment.

TerrAlign Cloud has been designed to evolve with the rapidly changing deployment needs of today’s field forces. Use industry standard map files for customized alignment mapping. Provide territory definition output for assigning accounts or leads in your CRM or for calculating commissions accurately.

TerrAlign Cloud enables you to more quickly and efficiently create better territories.  Optimally designed territories help you maximize your sales resources, so you can sell more in every territory.

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