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The first step in optimizing sales force deployment is gathering and analyzing data. Sales Intelligence Metrics assess the current state of your organization and allow you to make projections and set goals for the future.

TerrAlign works with you to identify the information needed to support your Sales Resource Optimization (SRO) efforts and then uses sophisticated techniques to obtain that data from your internal sources and third parties. We start by analyzing your existing accounting, order processing and CRM systems. Understanding call history, productivity and effort is essential to SRO, and Delphi sessions with sales management can be used to develop a clear picture of what your salespeople have been doing and how often.

Next, outside vendors such as Nielsen, IMS and Dun & Bradstreet can provide industry data about your organization and your competitors and if needed, we can help you survey customers and prospects so you will have all the information you need to know where you are so you can decide how to move forward.

By merging information from all available sources and through statistical modeling, TerrAlign generates a comprehensive analysis of your customers, prospects and salespeople that can be used to develop a strategic plan that maximizes call scheduling and sales potential and minimizes travel time and lost opportunities. Such datasets provide the foundation for successful endeavors in sales resource planning and deployment.

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