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Territory Alignment and OptimizationThe fifth component in optimizing sales force deployment is the creation or realignment of sales territories to optimize sales effort.

A well balanced territory requires the full sales effort of one, and only one salesperson and respects roads and natural barriers. Studies show that by placing territories in the right locations, providing equivalent and attainable business opportunities to each representative and designing sales territory areas with travel requirements and geography in mind, sales and profits can increase by 4% to 12% and travel costs can be reduced on average by 10%-15%.

TerrAlign consultants can help guide you through a collaborative and progressive realignment process that is tailored to the strategies and needs of your organization. Perfected over the past two decades and a multitude of similar projects across a wide variety of industries the TerrAlign approach combines knowledge of market data, familiarity with several distinct industries, powerful technologies, proven methods, and personal expertise. Our approach produces better territories, maintains sales management productivity, boosts buy-in, and promotes a smooth implementation. At key points in the progression, TerrAlign incorporates active participation from field management to make qualitative adjustments and fine-tune the design to ensure the success of the new territories.

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