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Small Business Healthcare Company

Healthcare companies are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. Minimize costs and maximize outputs while providing exceptional quality of care for consumers. In this age of continuous quality improvement and innovation, the healthcare industry is one of many that is transforming, and it is often small companies that have the advantage. For large organizations with entrenched, long-established systems, implementing significant changes to business practices can take years but for small companies looking to stake their claim amongst the behemoths, remaining nimble and flexible are key to their ability to compete and grow.

For one small, growing healthcare company, success brought with it many challenges including a strain on their sales force. They quickly recognized that their homegrown systems needed a revamp, and they looked to TerrAlign to improve their sales territory management processes.

TerrAlign was chosen over competitive solutions for its ease of use, performance, scalability, realignment functionality and integration with other system and the company paid back their investment in less than 3 months. After deployment, time spent on realignment was significantly reduced and revenues and sales headcount were increased by more than 25%.

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