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S&P 500 Health Care Company

With the costs of health care skyrocketing, health care companies are under tremendous pressure to find smarter, more efficient ways to do business. The following case study highlights the experience of one S&P 500 Health Care Company that recognized the need to improve the efficiency of their sales force.

Prior to the deployment of TerrAlign, this Health Care company managed it’s sales territories using a combination of spreadsheets and a competing sales territory management solution and realized that their practices were not only cumbersome and time consuming, but they were also sabotaging the company’s ability to capture market share.

After evaluating several sales territory management systems, the company chose TerrAlign for its ease of use, web-based realignment capabilities, CRM compatibility, and sophisticated reporting and optimization functions.

With TerrAlign, the company reports that they now have the tools needed to quickly make adjustments to sales territories, assign sales reps based on volume and potential, and strategically use sales resources to their fullest:

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